Thursday, April 18, 2013

Giant World-Class Buck Found Dead in Missouri?

I saw this in Deer & Deer Hunting and just had to share. Image coming across this out in the deer woods.

This incredible whitetail buck photo has been circulating across the Internet today. Here is the text that accompanied the forwarded message:

Had to share this photo with you.  The guy pictured below found this with
his buddy shed hunting at Busch Wildlife a few weeks ago.  I work with him.
It was in the thick area behind the high school not far off the highway.
Conservation Department took it since it is intact and found on
conservation ground.  By the rules, that is a dead deer and not a shed.
Scored 280 and had 37 points.

There’s no reason not to believe the story. The rack certainly appears to match those measurements, plus the skull is weathered enough to be from a long-dead buck. Whatever the case, we will bring you updates when they become available.

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  1. Big rack, even WITH the depth-of-field size distortion.

  2. Great looking European mount. slap a wood base on it and you have a great wall hanger even if you didn't bag it alive. I'd hang it in the garage. Hope they give it back to him.

  3. Gorges, I see what you mean.

    Joel, it is very impressive.