Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Are Deer populations being Threatened?

I found this article on the Sportsman Channel website that I thought would make a good read or at least a reminder of what could happen to deer herds across the country. Granted some of these causes might not be in your specific area but sadly they do exist.

Biggest Threats to Deer Populations in 2013
January 30, 2013 by Jason Herbert

As if hunters didn’t already have enough to worry about with things like scheduling time off work, finding a place to hunt, managing the wind or dealing with scent, we also have to worry whether we’ll even spot a deer when we make it into the field. Unfortunately, in some areas of the country, hunters can’t take deer populations for granted anymore. Here are a few reasons why it is that way and what you can do to improve your chances in 2013.

Get Involved
This is a reminder to all of us that the whitetail deer populations are a precious commodity and must not be taken for granted. Get involved in a local or national conservation organization. Take time to educate others so they can help make intelligent choices. Learn how to hunt coyotes and give thanks for every deer killed. Whitetails are amazing animals, which is why they must be protected and managed in the face of all these obstacles.

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  1. Here in West Virginia, the greatest threat is disease and starvation brought on by over-population, in turn brought on by a DNR that manages for license sales, not herd health.

  2. Gorges, that is a shame it has to be like that.