Thursday, May 28, 2015

Making Paper Cartridge Bullets for Cap & Ball Revolvers

This is my first attempt at making these so any tips or comments are very appreciated.

Before I started I made a block to keep the process in an upright position for ease of making the cartridge and a dowel for wrapping the cigarette paper.

Then using a dowel approximately the use diameter of the bullet I rolled the paper over the dowel and then put some glue from a glue stick on the edge of the paper to keep the roll together.

Then slide the paper down the dowel so there is enough overhang to put the bullet in. Before doing that I take the glue stick and glue the outer diameter of the bullet at least a quarter inch so the paper can stick to the bullet. Them carefully slide off dowel and place upside down in block so glue can dry. Repeat process up to this point as many times as needed. Because this is my first time doing this I'm only making six.

Once I have all six I'm making and they have dried it time to fill with black powder. Now for these six I'm using 30 grains of FFFg Pyrodex P .

After putting in the powder I just put a twist on the end, then snipped off the excess paper with a pair of scissors. At that point the last thing to do is put a touch of glue on the twist just to help keep it from coming apart.

I use these reproduction paper cartridge boxes, just like what they used during the civil war. Check out the video.


To order your boxes click the link:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Honest Kitchen Trout

I wanted to share a fellow blogger's blog post which caught my eye.

Honest Kitchen: Honest, whole food cooked from scratch. Simple, delicious and sometimes from the wild side. Robin, Erin and Michelle often prepare wild game, mushrooms, berries and other foods they harvest, grow or buy locally. Regardless - come cook with us. Copy this paragraph (please leave the links) into your blog and leave your link in comments each Wednesday so everyone can visit.

Visit Erin's blog:

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Connecticut Forest & Park Association

My wife and I were out on a drive and spotted this new sign and map where I like to hunt.

Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System

Welcome to the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System! With more than 825 miles marked with blue rectangular blazes, this trail system offers a great way to explore the woodlands, remote ridges, and wild places of Connecticut. The trails are open year-round to all forms of foot travel (unless otherwise posted).
Whether you're looking for a long hike, a short outing with the kids, or even a trail run—the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails have something for everyone. Use our interactive trails map and the Connecticut Walk Bookto start planning your next hiking adventure today!

Appreciate what you have, it might not always be there.

Everyone should take a moment out of their busy holiday weekend and just look at this picture. Afterwards if you don't feel the least bit appreciative for the freedoms you have than SHAME ON YOU.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Surprise from a neighbor

Let me say he knows my son more than me but knew that I collected antlers. He stopped over this morning and handed me this beautiful set of deer antlers and said he had them hang in his shed and wanted to know if I wanted them.

I like said hell ya. They are the biggest I've held and had a lot of great character to them. Looked like they might had been in a fire at one time, they were a little blackened. They had a few small stickers and were country mounted I like to say. Not professional but had some plain old barn wood for a backing. Great conversation piece for sure.

I put my ugly puss in there for size comparison.

Memorial Day 2015

With the long weekend underway and Monday being Memorial day I'm sure people are making long weekend plans, same as me. I am passionately asking all to take a moment to thank a soldier who has died so we can remain free and for those soldiers who still fight today.

Without past and present we would not be able to enjoy our freedoms.